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Memberships are the essential driving force that keeps the Lake County Civic Center Association viable.  We are asking you for your support by becoming a member of the L.C.C.C.A.

The Lake County Civic Center Association (L.C.C.C.A), a 501(c) (3) non profit corporation, owns and operates the Heritage Museum, Heritage Park, the Old Church, and the Colorado Mountain History Collection.  All members are entitled to free admission to the Heritage Museum and a 10% discount on all books and other items sold in the museum’s gift shop.  In addition, members are encouraged to attend the L.C.C.C.A.‘s annual dinner, meeting, election of board members, and entertainment.

Joining now will give you membership through May 31, 2023.

The L.C.C.C.A has determined that all membership amounts over $6.00 qualify as a tax deduction.  The $6.00 represents the value of the admission charge to the Heritage Museum.  With your enrollment, you are welcome to tour the Museum at your convenience.


Membership Chairperson


PO Box 962

Leadville, CO 80461

Level of Support:

____Sustaining Member: $250 and up

____Donor Member: $100–$249

____Contributing Member: $50–$99

____Associate Member: $30–$49



Phone Number______________________________________________________

E-Mail Address:___________________________________________________

Please make your check payable to L.C.C.C.A. Thank you!

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